About Dr. Dozie

Dr. Dozie Onunkwo
Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University

For the first 20 years of my life, I was overweight. I was very content with that life too. One of my mother's favorite stories about my childhood is our visits to IHOP when I refused to eat off the kids' menu.  I was eating Pancake Platter at around 7 years old.  McDonalds, Popeyes, Chinese Carry-Out, Pizza Hut, Honey Buns, you name it and I was eating it.  As I grew older, I never thought about what my eating habits were doing to my body.  I was content with being overweight, mostly because that was the only life I knew.  I just figured that I'd make up for it by dressing well and smelling good...and it worked pretty well in high school.
Yep, that's me, Fall 2003 (19 yrs old)

Summer '04 (20 yrs old)
But at 20 years old, I finally got to the point where I was tired of having a gut.  I was tired of being ashamed of my body, so I did something about it...NO MORE FAST FOOD. It's amazing how that one thing changed my life. I also spent a summer in Boulder, CO (a very beautiful and health-conscious city) for a summer internship.  After work, I had nothing to do but workout, so I worked out everyday. I began doing abdominal exercises for the first time ever. Following that internship, I came back to school and began getting a lot more love from women than I'd ever received.  I'll be honest, that was all the motivation I needed :)...At this point, I was no longer eating ridiculous amounts of fast food, but still hadn't learned how to properly work out or eat to build a healthy, muscular, and lean body. 

Then it happened...
I went to see the movie, 300, and I haven't been the same since!  All I could think was, "Damn, I need to look like Leonidas!"  So I contacted my good friend Daniel Silva, who is also a personal trainer and bodybuilder in Bowie, MD.  He was kind enough to let me come workout with him (a.k.a. kill me) for 3 weeks in Dec. 2007.  With his knowledge about proper weight training technique and nutrition, I was given the tools to continue learning about different training methods and nutritional information.  

Now, combined with the research training I received while attaining my Ph.D., I hope to use this website as a vehicle to present scientific research regarding various health and fitness issues.  I'll also share various training methods that have helped me change my body...and life!!

Here's what I'm looking like nowadays