Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are You Really Avoiding GMOs? (Revisited)

A little over a month ago, I posted this picture I found on Facebook:

Is this really THE WHOLE STORY??
In summary, I discussed how misleading this picture was since PLU coding is a VOLUNTARY protocol set forth by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS).  While the presence of an ‘8’ means that the produce is genetically modified, the absence of an ‘8’ does NOT mean that the produce is NOT genetically modified (Click here to read the full blog).

Shortly, after I posted the blog, I received a comment from Windset Farms, the originators of this picture.  When I first saw the comment, I honestly thought it was spam, because surely there's no way they could have found my little blog lol.  But sure enough, it was them.  Here's the comment:

Hi there. When we posted this image back in June, it generated some feedback very similar to yours.

After considering the comments of our friends and fans, we thought it best to remove it and re-post with a revised image. Although the information was technically true, when we took a second look, we realized it didn't quite tell the whole story.

As you quite rightly pointed out, using PLU codes that indicate GMO is only voluntary at this time and, as you might imagine, companies aren't exactly lining up to announce that their products are GMO...

Should mandatory GMO labeling laws (see upcoming California Proposition 37) be instituted, the International Federation for Produce Standards could provide the standard.

This is the revised image with very clear language.

Keep up the good work (the story of your transformation is amazing) and good luck with BN Shape!

Your Friends in Freshness

A special thanks to them for reaching out, pretty cool if you ask me!  So, here is the updated pic!  

Now, we have some new 'friends in freshness', health, and fitness!  And, of course, now I have to see what Windset Farms products I want to order!  Thanks again for clearing the air!  We all have the same goal in mind, and that's a healthier world!

Dr. Dozie
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